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Yellow Banded Possum Wrasse – Complete Care Guide

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Yellow Banded Possum Wrasse Facts

The Yellow Banded Possum Wrasse also known as the Pygmy Possum Wrasse is a species of carnivorous saltwater fish found in this hobby. It is a peaceful fish with beautiful red, orange, and yellow coloration on its body. The Banded Possum Wrasse stays relatively small and is an excellent fish for fish-only and reef tanks. Pygmy Possum Wrasses are known to come with internal parasites. It is recommended to quarantine your fish and medicate them before adding them into the aquarium. This article will go into detail on the Possum Wrasse’s aquarium needs, food & diet, and compatible tank mates.

Aquarium Requirements

Because the Yellow Banded Possum Wrasse’s max size is 3″, it will do well in aquariums that are 10 gallons or larger. It is important to provide plenty of hiding spaces in the aquarium. Most hobbyists use live rock to provide a natural aquascape for their saltwater fish tanks.

A tightly fitted lid is also recommended for the aquarium because the Pygmy Possum Wrasse is known to jump out of the aquarium.

Food & Diet

The Possum Wrasse is a carnivorous animal, it is very important to provide it with high-quality foods such as Mysis Shrimp, Spirulina Brine Shrimp, and Pellet/Flake Food. They are not known to be finicky eaters and usually readily take food when introduced into a fish tank. If they are stubborn and avoid eating food, consider mixing the food with Selcon or soaking the food in garlic before feeding. Check out this article about the benefits of dipping your fish food in garlic.

Tank Mates

In appropriately sized aquariums, Yellow Banded Possum Wrasses should do well with other peaceful saltwater fish. It should be fine with clownfish, dwarf angelfish, firefish, tangs, foxfaces, and much more. I would avoid keeping them with fish that can fit the Possum Wrasse in its mouth. I would also avoid mixing wrasses because many do not get along.

In a large enough aquarium, 1 male can be housed with multiple females. The males are often more vibrantly colored compared to the females of the species. If possible, I would introduce them all at the same time, or introduce the females first and bring in the male after the females are established.

This wrasse species is reef safe. It should not bother any of your coral or invertebrates. The Yellow Banded Possum Wrasse may eat flatworms and bristleworms but if you have an outbreak of bristle/flatworms, I have more confidence in different wrasse species such as the Sixline Wrasse, Yellow Wrasse, or Melanurus Wrasse.


I do not have any information regarding breeding. Many saltwater fish are incredibly hard or impossible to breed in an aquarium.

Final Notes

Possum Wrasses are interesting fish that can be kept in a reef tank or fish-only aquarium. Their unique body and coloration make them a fantastic addition to your aquarium. They’re also great because they can be added to nano saltwater tanks. If you have more information on Possum Wrasses please share!