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The Fish With Personality – Bicolor Blenny

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bicolor blenny swimming

Reef aquariums are all very unique. The fish kept in these aquariums all have very interesting personalities and are a blast to observe. Their vibrant colors pop and are adored by many. Bicolor blennies are fantastic fish to keep in a reef aquarium. What they may lack in “vibrant” color they make up for in personality. These fish are common in the marine hobby and are sometimes overlooked as a new aquatic companion. Their very simple dark blue and orange coloring gives them an interesting appearance. One fantastic trait that they have is they will poke their heads out of rocks or perch on rocks just scoping out the surrounding area.

Bicolor Blenny Keeping Requirements

Luckily for us, these fish are not very hard to keep. I would not keep a bicolor blenny in an aquarium smaller than 30 gallons. Also, having a lot of live rock and crevices where this fish can hide and perch is a must! Their perching and environment scanning is a large portion of their personality! They max out at about 4″ in length so having holes and crevices of varying sizes is beneficial for them.

Bicolor blennies are primarily herbivorous so should be fed greens such as algae pellets, flakes, and algae sheets. They should also be given frozen fish food like mysis shrimp and/or brine shrimp from time to time. They are not picky eaters so they will easily accept a variety of foods. Although this is not very common, if underfed, these fish can sometimes pick on corals such as fleshy clams and stony corals. Be mindful of that when keeping this fish. They will help assist in controlling hair algae that may grow on live rock.

These fantastic fish are normally quite peaceful and keep to themselves. At the time of this writing, the one I have at home does not think my hand is friendly so will nip and attack from time to time, otherwise, it does not bother anything else. On occasion, they may go into battle with other blennies and gobies. If the aquarium is large enough each fish will find its territory and things should settle. I would not normally keep more than one type of blenny of similar size, shape, and color to help deter any aggression.

Final Thoughts

Bicolor blennies are excellent fish for any reef system. As long as they are fed well, they will do remarkably in your aquarium. They’re not the best algae eaters, for that look into getting a lawnmower blenny, but they will help cut down what’s in the fish tank already. They are hardy fish with great personalities!