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cleaning up

The Cleanup Crew in Reef Aquariums

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The backbone of many saltwater systems is a good cleanup crew. Algae will opportunistically try and use the nutrients floating around in your water body.

Yellow Tang near sand

Yellow Tangs For an Aquarium

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Yellow tangs are a fairly common fish in the saltwater hobby. They fall under the category of surgeonfish due to their very sharp scalpel-like appendage right before their tail.

Clownfish near anemone

Ocellaris Clownfish for beginners

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The ocellaris clownfish is usually one of the first fish saltwater hobbyists put into their aquarium. They’re hardy, easy to care for, and popular beyond belief but usually go by a another name (nemo).

Betta on substrate

The Vastness of Aquatic Enclosures!

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There are many different types of aquarium-like enclosures a person can have in their home. They range in all sorts of sizes and levels of difficulty but