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neon fish light

Wonders of GloFish

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GloFish are genetically modified fish that have found their way into the aquarium hobby. The original goal was to modify the fish’s gene so its florescence sparks up when it comes

Bearded dragon on wood

Wonders of Bearded Dragons

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Bearded dragons are one of the most iconic reptiles that are kept as pets. For the most part they are pretty easy to take care of, have incredibly docile personalities, and are very fun to handle.

Clownfish near anemone

Ocellaris Clownfish for beginners

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The ocellaris clownfish is usually one of the first fish saltwater hobbyists put into their aquarium. They’re hardy, easy to care for, and popular beyond belief but usually go by a another name (nemo).

Betta on substrate

The Vastness of Aquatic Enclosures!

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There are many different types of aquarium-like enclosures a person can have in their home. They range in all sorts of sizes and levels of difficulty but