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glofish skirt tetra

Setting Up a GloFish Specific Aquarium

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Setting up an aquarium can be as simple or as complicated as you would like to make it. This will be an in depth guide on how to setup a GloFish tank specifically for different types of GloFish.

pearly jawfish in burrow

The Alien Like Pearly Jawfish

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The pearly jawfish or sometimes known as a Yellowhead jawfish is a very unique marine fish. The white coloring on the body, yellow head, and enormous black/blue eyes make this fish

neon fish light

Wonders of GloFish

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GloFish are genetically modified fish that have found their way into the aquarium hobby. The original goal was to modify the fish’s gene so its florescence sparks up when it comes

Neon Tetra Closeup

Neon Tetras – The Schooling Fish

Neon Tetras are probably one of the most well known freshwater fish in the hobby. Their vibrant colors pop and stand out from the green background of a planted aquarium. They’re very easy to acquire and on the cheaper end in regards to cost.

Betta on substrate

The Vastness of Aquatic Enclosures!

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There are many different types of aquarium-like enclosures a person can have in their home. They range in all sorts of sizes and levels of difficulty but