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Sixline Wrasse – Complete Care Guide

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Sixline Wrasse

Sixline Wrasse Facts

The Sixline Wrasse sometimes spelled Six Line Wrasse, or 6 Line Wrasse, is a species of fish commonly found in the aquarium keeping hobby. This species has six distinct horizontal lines running across its body. It has striking purple, pink, and green colorations on its body. It is an iconic species in fish-only aquariums or reef tanks. There is a general misconception about this fish. Some people ask, “Are Sixline Wrasse evil?” The answer is no, they’re not evil but they can become territorial so it’s common to introduce this wrasse later into your aquarium. This allows other fish to establish their territories. This article will discuss Six Line Wrasse Aquarium Requirements, Food & Diet, Common Tank Mates, and more.

Aquarium Requirements

The Sixline Wrasse grows to a max size of about 3 inches. It will do well in both fish-only and reef tanks that are 30 gallons or larger. They do best in a fish tank filled with live rock with holes of varying sizes. This will allow them to be active and explore, while also providing them with cover when stressed. Like many other wrasse species, the Six Line Wrasse can jump out of the fish tank. Consider providing a well-fitted cover to prevent jumping.

Food & Diet

The Six Line Wrasse is a carnivore. It will likely feed on flatworms, copepods, and bristleworms in the aquarium, but they should be provided with additional food such as Mysis Shrimp and Brine Shrimp. They will readily take pellet food and flake food. They are not picky eaters, but if you have one that isn’t eating, consider soaking its food in Selcon or Garlic. Check out this article that talks about some of the benefits of feeding garlic to fish.

Tank Mates

Overall, the Sixline should do perfectly fine with most peaceful fish in an aquarium. This includes Clownfish, Firefish, Dwarf Angelfish, Anthias, Blennies, and much more. They should do well with larger fish such as Foxface, Butterflyfish, and Tangs. I would avoid keeping them with fish that may make a snack out of your Sixline Wrasse such as Groupers and Pufferfish. Other Wrasses may be attacked by the Sixline Wrasse as well.

The Six Line Wrasse is reef safe. It will do well with snails, shrimp, hermit crabs, and coral. Keeping Cleaner Shrimp with Sixline Wrasse should be perfectly fine. If you see them picking on coral, they’re likely just picking out the flatworms, or bristleworms within.


Because of their territorial nature, I would not keep more than one Sixline Wrasse in an aquarium. This makes breeding almost impossible.

Final Notes

The Sixline Wrasse is a great addition to any reef tank. As long as you are cautious about their territorial habits, you should have great success with this easy-to-care-for fish. They’re usually great about eating pests such as bristleworms and flatworms. They also provide plenty of activity in a fish tank. If your fish tank allows, really consider getting yourself a Six Line Wrasse!