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  • Fiddler Crab – Complete Care Guide
    Fiddler Crab Information Fiddler Crabs are some of the more common crab species kept in captivity. The males have an incredibly large claw that they use for calling out to females and also for sparring. The female does not have a claw this large but instead has two really small ones. Under the proper conditions,… Read More »Fiddler Crab – Complete Care Guide
  • Banggai Cardinal – Complete Care Guide
    Banggai Cardinalfish Information Banggai Cardinals also known as the Kaudern’s Cardinalfish are fairly common saltwater fish with a very unique body shape and color pattern. These hardy fish are usually some of the first fish purchased for a saltwater aquarium because they are fairly inexpensive and not too finicky. They will grow to be around… Read More »Banggai Cardinal – Complete Care Guide
  • 5 Unique Predatory Fish for Saltwater Aquariums
    Predatory fish tanks are both fun and rewarding without the hassle of attempting to keep coral alive. Most saltwater fish have vibrant colors with remarkable personalities that will keep you entertained for years! This guide will showcase 5 unique and interesting saltwater fish that may do well in a predatory aquarium. 1. Harlequin Tuskfish The… Read More »5 Unique Predatory Fish for Saltwater Aquariums
  • Snowflake Eel – Complete Care Guide
    Snowflake Eels (Echidna nebulosa) otherwise known as Starry Moray or Snowflake Moray Eel, are an interesting animal
  • Chili Rasbora – Full Care Guide
    The Chili Rasbora (Boraras brigittae), sometimes called the Mosquito Rasbora, is a incredibly small fish, with vibrant colors, that enjoy schooling in large groups. Originally found in Indonesia, it has swept through the aquarium hobby and is loved by many fish keepers. Primarily red and orange in color, this little fish strikingly pops in well… Read More »Chili Rasbora – Full Care Guide
  • 5 Great Saltwater Fish for a Nano Reef!
    A nano reef is typically considered to be 30 gallons or less. The smaller the aquarium the larger the possibility of swinging water parameters.
  • The Fish With Personality – Bicolor Blenny
    Reef aquariums are all very unique. The fish kept in these aquariums all have very interesting personalities and are a blast to observe.
  • 4 Unique saltwater animals to consider for a 30 gallon aquarium
    Filling a 30 gallon saltwater aquarium with animals can be a stressful task. There are just so many options to choose from. This guide will go over a few unique fish
  • Wonderful Coral Beauty Angelfish!
    There are many different types of angelfish in the saltwater & freshwater hobby. Most are at least labeled “with caution” when keeping with coral. In my opinion, some angelfish are more prone to nibbling on coral than others.
  • The Alien Like Pearly Jawfish
    The pearly jawfish or sometimes known as a Yellowhead jawfish is a very unique marine fish. The white coloring on the body, yellow head, and enormous black/blue eyes make this fish