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I have spent countless years working with fish, amphibians, reptiles, and other little critters that can be kept in a glass/acrylic enclosure. I have worked at pet stores, taken marine biology classes, and acquired a degree in Wildlife Ecology and Management. This website is meant to share my personal, academic, and professional experience in order to pass my knowledge along.

Although I cannot guarantee the survival of any of your new aquatic friends, I will do my best to provide guides and information to help give them the best chance at survival.

I continue to maintain a saltwater reef system that is currently a mixed reef housing zoanthids, euphyllia, sps, and soft coral. I also maintain a paludarium that holds a crested gecko, a few different species and a variety of plants such as ferns and orchids. Lastly, I have a small jarrarium that contains 9 red tiger shrimp. This is my newest enclosure but the personalities and movement of the shrimp always makes the enclosure exciting and full of life!

If you would like to provide your personal experience by writing an article or would like to see a specific topic added to the website, please send an email to: [email protected]. This website is a solo project, and creating guides for each animal species will take some time.