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5 Aquarium Halloween Decorations To Prepare You For the Season

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Halloween is an exciting time of the year. Decorating your house with spooky skeletons and jack-o-lanterns is a fun activity. What is stopping us from decorating or even creating a Halloween themed fish tank? After all, some of us like to celebrate Halloween year-round. From skulls to plants, there are plenty of options out there to build a Halloween themed aquarium. This article will go over some of the best spooky fish tank decor that can be found online!

1. Skulls

Halloween skulls are an obvious choice for our horror themed fish tank. They come in all shapes and sizes. From human skulls to dinosaur skulls, the options are out there! Many aquatic animals are shy and like to hide away in unseen places. Fish are no exception. Many fish tank skull decorations have holes and crevices in which fish can seek refuge. Some skulls have larger openings that can house larger fish!

When looking for decorations to add to your fish tanks, consider looking at the reviews. Some decorations can be made with material that is not safe for fish. Reading through reviews will help you weed out products that may be poor quality or dangerous for your pets.

2. Tombstones & Skeletons

A graveyard themed fish tank is something unique and that would also be incredibly fun to design. There are many different decoration options for a graveyard theme but one stood out the most for me. That would be the Yookeer 8 Pieces Tombstones Figurine set. This set comes with 4 tombstone pieces, 1 coffin piece, and 3 small skulls of an ape, rhino, and goat. If you’re interested in this Halloween Decoration click on the image that will direct you to its store page on Amazon. Another great thing about this set is that it is very versatile.

While it’s perfect for a graveyard theme fish tank, you can also use it for other purposes. For example, you can use the tombstones in Spooky Terrariums, Paludariums, or even just use them as small tabletop decorations.

3. Glow in the Dark Plants

Plants that glow under blue lights give off very extraterrestrial vibes. Halloween and Aliens go hand in hand, so why not build a fish tank that takes us out of this world? Bonus points if you include Glofish into your Alien planet-themed fish tank. I understand that plastic plants do not benefit fish tanks like live plants do, but it’s always cool to see fish tanks glow under blue lights. Consider creating a mosaic of live plants and plastic plants for your aquarium.

4. Sunken Ships

Sunken Ships and pirates are some of the most iconic aspects of Halloween. I may have dressed as a Pirate for Halloween once or twice. Anyway, aquariums and sunken ships are probably the most normal thing on this list so far. Decorations of Sunken Ships are great because they are often the centerpiece of the fish tank. They also help provide refuge for your fish, if there are openings. They also look cool! Finding Sunken Ship decorations for fish tanks is incredibly easy. I made it even easier for you by providing a link to the Sunken Ship page on Amazon!

5. Rocks

There are many different rocks that can be worked with to give off a Halloween or eerie feel. The few that come to mind are Lava Rock, Slate Rock, and Ohko Dragon Stone. These rocks give off a certain feeling. I would use the rocks and combine them with other Halloween Decorations to create a very vibrant Halloween scene in my fish tank.

If you have a fish store nearby, consider checking them out before purchasing rocks online. They are often a lot more expensive when ordered through the internet. There are sellers on Amazon that sell each of these stones, you can check them out by following this link!

Final Notes

There are plenty of decorations to build us a Halloween Themed aquarium. We can also fill our aquariums with “spooky” fish to complete the theme. Take a look at 5 Halloween Themed Freshwater Fish to get an idea of some of this fish you can add. Please be mindful that the health and safety of the fish is what’s important. Research the requirements of each fish to make sure the home you create is compatible. How you decorate your fish tank is entirely up to you but creating a good home for your animal is what matters the most.

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