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The button above will take you to a growing collection of quick care guides for freshwater fish. The collection will acquire additions in a timely fashion!

This button is coming soon! I am unfortunately one person and putting these guides takes time. Sit tight and they’ll be here before you know it!

Welcome to ATParium! As this site continues to grow, I am doing my best to provide guides and tutorials for different animals and plants that can be kept aquariums, terrariums and more! This site also provides different resources such as a quick information table for both fresh and saltwater fish and a way to calculate the approximate gallons of water your aquarium can hold. If there are any resources or guides that you are looking for information on, don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected]. If I am knowledgeable on the subject I will be more than happy to put a guide together.

Those are some of many different articles that this site has to offer. If you’re interested, be sure to scroll through our different pages to check out our resources and guides! Given that, please don’t hesitate to take a glance at my youtube channel here. I am constantly trying to post videos on my aquariums.